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WHY AM I READING THIS?    I'm not young any more. Time  is short.  I read a wide variety of material, both fiction and non-fiction, but from now on ....(.a promise to myself).....nothing mediocre.  A book must inform me, intrigue me, uplift me, delight or excite me, or I will drop it.

The Tension of Tennis

Open: An Autobiography - Andre Agassi

This is a fascinating look into the world of professional tennis.  I don't follow a lot of sport, but Andre Agassi has always interested me as a man of surprises, The title of the book - OPEN - is a description of the way the story is told - Agassi certainly seems to hold nothing back, telling the story of his childhood  dominated by an obsessed father up to the time of his retirement.  He does not try to portray himself as any sort of saint, confessing to all the times that he let himself and others down.  He comes across as sincere and likeable.   For me, a few too many ball-by-ball records of tennis matches, and who-beat-who-when, but still, a very good read.